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CareerFest Exhibitor Information

The Buffalo News is pleased to host a career fair at the Millennium Buffalo.  In today's job market, individuals discover themselves in a hunt to locate or upgrade their career.


Millennium Buffalo

Date & Time

9:00 am - 3:00 pm on:  September 18, 2018.


The package offers graduated participation and will return positive results.Download the registration application for more information on the packages. CLICK HERE for more details.

Advertising Campaign

More than 850,000 readers will be the focus of our newspaper promotional Campaign. Highly visible promotions will appear weekly on the front cover of Sunday's BuffaloJobFinder in color as well as prominent promotions inserted frequently in other sections of the newspaper during the week. In addition, daily in-column advertisements shall appear abundantly throughout the classified section building exposure and increasing attendance. Upon registering your company is welcomed and immediately included in all of our promotions.

Internet Marketing

The Career Fest's web page  is located on the #1 local website in Western New York- More than 1 million unique users visit our website monthly, representing more than 20 million page views.


All companies will enjoy lunch for two. Tickets will be issued the day of the event. Additional lunches are available at $25 per person.

Career Seminars

During the Career Fest, career-building seminars are offered at no charge to job seekers. Independent firms conduct top quality sessions from which candidates can learn the latest career search concepts as well as receive one-on-one consultations with the seminar facilitators.



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Job Videos

Watch informative videos about positions available now. To order a video for your company call: 716-856-5555 (select option 2 for Employment)

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