Spring Clean Your Job Search

Spring has arrived signaling the start of a new season, and if you’re on the lookout for a job, it‘s a great time to clean up your job search.

It’s important to recognize that you can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results, especially if you've been hunting for a while.   Investing a bit of time in some spring cleaning could be just the right thing to give yourself a brand new outlook moving forward.  Below you'll find a few Career Reform best practices for a successful spring cleaning!

Get Rid of Your Negative Mindset

Negative mindsets are hazardous to your career health. Think about it. Why would an employer want to hire someone who feels inadequate, blames outside forces for their job search woes, and is simply looking for any job to put food on the table rather than building a sustainable career? Does that seem like someone who is accountable, resilient to change and able to grow a business?


Decide What You’re Looking For

Before you can truly kick off a successful job hunt, you must know what your prey is. I find that doing a bit of research to compile different bits of information can help fill up your job search tool box. However, it's equally important to set career goals, realistic timelines, and identify target industries/professions.



Switch Up Your Networking Routine

Get Geared Up For Summer.  Job searching during the summer time is a different animal, which is why job seekers need to change their approach. Because the hiring process slows down for most employers, this gives you the unique opportunity to network outside the confined walls of an office building and catch their attention with fewer candidates to compete with.

Capitalize on Seasonal Events. Summer is one of the best times to network. There are festivals, barbeques, weddings, and other gatherings that serve as perfect opportunities to connect. Use personal and social gatherings to let people know you are looking and be prepared to tell your 60-second story poolside.


Keep Up The Momentum

Be Persistent. Summer vacations can make reaching the right people more challenging, but don’t get discouraged and use this as a reason to back off. Be patient and consistent, leave polite messages and continue due diligence. You might connect with an otherwise hard-to-reach hiring manager while your competitors are lolling around waiting until fall.

Build a Network. Form a group of like-minded job seekers to keep your summer job search on track. Meet regularly to share information on who’s hiring. A Job opportunity not right for you may be for someone in your network, and vice versa.


Sharpen Your Skills

Take Stock of Your Resume and Skills. Summer is the perfect time to assess and update your skill set. Make sure your resume accurately represents your latest accomplishments, and do some digging to see if there’s something missing that could add value to your brand. Take a class or two (even if it’s online) – not only will you be improving your skills, but you can also network with your classmates.

Volunteering / Interning. Employers often prefer to interview people who are working in some capacity. So listing a volunteer position on your resume will prevent a hiring manager from thinking you’re jobless. Volunteer roles or internships are also great opportunities for solving the famous employment catch-22: “you can’t get experience without experience” for people starting out or transitioning into new fields. Not only do you prove that you’re consistently working towards your dream job by gaining a foothold in your desired industry – an attractive trait in an employer’s eyes – but “putting in your time” just may lead to a full-time role. At the very least, it’s an attractive resume filler.


Get Organized

Keep a Job Search Schedule. Yes, it’s summer, but don’t be lulled into laziness. Even if it’s just an hour a day, put structure in place to keep you going. Use tools to manage your job search and professional network. Preparation is key to landing an interview.

Here are a few things we suggest:

  • Logic Model: Our 1-paper accountability tool that employers use

on their staff

  • FREE Online Job-Search Tools: Jibber Jobber or Huntsy
  • Excel Spreadsheet: Sometimes the old-fashioned method of

organization is just what the doctor ordered


Get Noticed Online

These days, social media has become a job-search priority. Recruiters are turning to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to advertise job postings and find top talent. What does your online presence look like?




Managing Partner and Executive Recruiter of Career Reform, Jean Filipiak, is hosting a complimentary seminar for job seekers – Spring Clean Your Job Search– at The Buffalo News Career Fest on Tuesday, May 24 at 11:30 a.m.