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Trocaire College

Founded in 1958 in the City of Buffalo, NY by the Sisters of Mercy, Trocaire College is a private, career-oriented Catholic college that strives to empower students toward personal enrichment, dignity and self-worth through education. A career-oriented institution, Trocaire offers three bachelor’s degrees, 12 associate degrees and eight certificate programs… Read more »

Buffalo Job Finder

Your source for the most detailed Buffalo job listings in the WNY area. has a comprehensive list of the most current job openings in and around the Buffalo, NY area. Post your resume, get connected, read tips on skills to have at an interview or while writing your resume. There are cover letter samples and salary benchmarking is available. Read about featured employee spotlights every week. Find out who's hiring in your area.

There Ain’t No Core Curriculum in the Real World

Wed, Apr 13, 2016

Spring is in the air! In Buffalo, that still means an unfortunate amount of snow remains, but nonetheless, calls are flooding into our Career Reform office due to imminent graduations and a desperate need to secure that first job. Parents, I know it’s natural to put on your career-counseling hats, but I strongly suggest you resist that urge. Although well intentioned, most parents unknowingly spout bad, outdated advice that no longer works in our new normal economy. I even wrote a book about it… Read more

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